Process Monitors and Tests


Chemical Baths - Chemical baths are titrated daily to strict CST and Industry limits using an automated titrator for high reliability. Liquid particle counts are performed to ensure chemical bath contamination control integrity.

Etching - Rates are monitored using a controlled coupon test program. Surface roughness is measured to a customer's specific acceptance limits and established coupon test verification. Arc spray coating requirements are tracked through quality checks for roughness, thickness, and bond strength.

DI Water - State of the art RO and 18 mega Ohm DI water resistivity, temperature and 0.2 micron filter systems are monitored at the source and point of use throughout the day.

Clean Dry Air - Air is filtered and maintained according to a strict PM schedule with desiccant dryers and .03 micron line filters.

Contamination Control - The Class 100 cleanroom environment is verified with daily particle monitoring. Part inspections, assemblies and packaging are performed on laminar airflow workbenches that are free of particulates. Our Quality Assurance also includes data collected from an optional Liquid Particle Count procedure on cleaned parts.

The Environment - For 2014 - 2016 and 2018, CST earned the Union Sanitary District's Certificate of Merit Award for exceptional wastewater treatment.