Final assemblies and inspections are performed in a Class 100 cleanroom environment where air purity, temperature, and humidity are all controlled. Approved parts receive custom packaging that may include a protective Ultra High Vacuum (UHV) aluminum foil cover, antistatic cloth, and a Class 100 polyethylene or nylon bag and label.

Maintenance Kits

Our ready to use part maintenance kits are designed to your unique installation. We have experience in developing thin film vacuum system kits for the following applications:

  • CVD: Diffusion, MoCVD, Plasma Enhanced
  • PVD: Evaporation, Ion Beam, Sputter
  • Etch: Asher, Ion Beam, Plasma

Disassembly & Assembly

We offer pre-clean part disassembly and post-clean reassembly services for simple to complicated components.

Precious Metals Recovery

We customize precious metal recovery programs to your specific metal reclamation requirements. All recovery is done by trusted personnel using dedicated equipment within a secure facility environment. Precious metal is delivered directly from our facility to your reclaim vendor.

Transit Packaging

We can manage the development of custom re-usable packaging for fragile parts or multi part kits. All projects are well coordinated from initial design drawings through to prototype development and finished product.