1, 2, & 3 Day Service Options

We offer various service rates depending on the complexity of the job and customer time requirements. Generally a simple machined part degrease can be done same or next day. Orders with heavy tool part deposition or those that require special refurbish treatments take up to three days to complete. We help you minimize expensive tool down times throughout the year and during the special holiday periods.

Order Pick-Up & Delivery

Our fleet of van and box trucks service Silicon Valley and the immediate surround for order pick-ups and deliveries. We also accept in-state and out-of-state orders for quick-turn processing and door-to-door FedEx and UPS returns.

Order Tracking System

We utilize comprehensive software to track orders and catalog part specifications, cleaning and refurbishing process instructions, and corrective actions. Incoming orders are inspected and inventoried. Customers are notified of any discrepancies. A job traveler is issued to accompany your order at every stage of our cleaning and packaging processes.