We provide professional precision cleaning and refurbishing solutions for new and used fabricated metal and non-metal substrates. Organic and inorganic solids, metal and non-metal contaminants are removed chemically and sometimes mechanically from part surfaces. All size parts are accepted, from very small hardware to very large tools and components. We also specialize in restorative as well as enhanced surface texturing and coating treatments.

Substrates We Clean

Metals & Alloys: Aluminum, Brass, Copper, Iron, Molybdenum, Nickel, Platinum, Silicon Carbide, Stainless Steel, Titanium and others.
Composites: Alumina, Carbon Graphite, Ceramics, Fused Quartz & Silica, Glass and others.
Plastics: Synthetic Rubber and, Thermoplastics like PTFE, PEEK, Polycarbonate and others.

Contaminants We Remove

Organic Compounds: Natural and Synthetic Cutting Fluids, Greases and Oils
Inorganic Compounds: Carbide, Carbonate, Cyanate, Cyanide, Oxide, Sulfate and Sulfide Minerals, and Halide Salts

Platform Brands We Service

  •  • Anelva
  •  • Applied Materials
  •  • Aviiza
  •  • CVC
  •  • Evantec
  •  • KDF
  •  • Leybold
  •  • NEXX
  •  • Novellus
  •  • Nordiko
  •  • Perkin-Elmer
  •  • SFI
  •  • Singulus
  •  • Temescal
  •  • Trikron
  •  • Unaxis
  •  • Varian
  •  • Veeco