Precision Clean

We can clean to your requirements or have one of our experienced chemical engineers develop an all-new process for any cleaning challenge you may have. This generally involves the testing and evaluation of several surface treatment chemistries and occasionally a special tool or a piece of equipment. Our ultimate goal is to maximize efficiencies and lower the overall cost of part ownership.

Chemical Clean

Controlled baths are created according to your basic specifications using quality products to perform alkaline and base solvent, thermal /non-thermal detergent, electro, dry ice blasting and acid etch cleaning methodologies. Great care is taken to preserve the substrate base during the chemical deposition removal process. So much so, that for unique materials or difficult to clean parts, we can provide technical expertise in the development of an alternate cleaning process.

Ultrasonic Clean

Ultrasound is a non-abrasive mechanical means to clean parts. Using radiating sound waves in a process called Cavitation, contaminates are released from the part's surface. Our automated ultrasonic tank system is designed to handle small to medium size parts as well as high volume orders.