Mechanical Clean

We use abrasive mechanical cleaning to supplement our chemical based cleaning processes. Corrosive medians like aluminum oxide are used to remove heavy surface deposition. Our bead blast cabinets can accommodate small to medium size parts and our 392 cubic foot walk in booth can handle very large shields and components.


To remove small particulates and hydrocarbons we have a less abrasive median like solid carbon dioxide also known as dry ice. Fine ice pellets are propelled at an extremely high speed to blast away surface contaminants and leave no chemical residue.


Final Clean

Within our climate and contamination controlled Class 100 cleanroom environment, parts receive a final DI water rinse and a post bake in a conventional, vacuum dry or high temperature kiln oven to remove all moisture. Inspected parts are vacuum sealed in a Class 100 poly bag with or without a purified nitrogen purge or assorted wrappings. Certificates of Conformance are available for those parts that receive an accepted industry standard cleaning.