Precision Parts Cleaning

Who We Are

Clean Sciences Technology has been providing precision parts cleaning and refurbishing solutions for close to nine years. We have a new 19,000 square foot, state-of-the art facility that is strategically located close to the Silicon Valley customers we serve. Our customers are private and publicly traded businesses as well as university and government research laboratories. Many of them are major players in the following high-tech industries:
•  Advance Materials
•  Aerospace
•  Automotive
•  Bio-technology
•  Custom Fabrication
•  Data Storage
•  Medical
•  Molecular Beam Epitaxy
•  Nano Technology
•  Optoelectronics
•  Semiconductor
•  Solar Energy
•  Decorative Coatings
•  Fabrication
•  Fuel Cell
•  Green Tech
•  Laser
•  Machined Parts
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